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Zoo park beauval

Zoo park beauval - Domaine de la Rotière

A Chinese national treasure in the heart of the Loire Castles

The sole and exclusive pandas France are ZooParc de Beauval . From February 18 and a few weeks after their arrival, Huan Huan and Yuan Zi meet their French public just discover them for the first time.
This pair of pandas moved to Beauval under an ambitious breeding, conservation and research in the natural environment in cooperation with the Chengdu base in China.


Within the new extension " On the heights of China " created by Beauval , visitors will discover one of the finest speakers in the world for pandas. An area of ​​three hectares that takes the visitor in the particular world of China. Visitors have access via a bridge on stilts overlooking a grove. The journey begins passing under the typical large porch, richly carved and painted in flaming red .
The architecture of the house is inspired by Chinese pandas buildings , glazed tiles yellow gold adorned with legendary animals , arched roofs, traditional lanterns , huge marble lions , gasoline Asian trees, abundant vegetation bamboo ...


Immersed in this setting , other rare species show the diversity of Chinese wildlife such as takins ( amazing mountain goats ) , snow leopards , eagles, Steller 's muntjacs , red pandas ... The enclosure of these species coexists with huge indoor runs ( air-conditioned ) and outdoor pandas.

41110 Saint- Aignan
Tel. +33 (0) 2 54 75 50 00



Open all year from 9am to dusk .
Entry fees : 22 € .
Children ( 3-10 years ): 16 € .
Accessible to people with reduced mobility.

 - Domaine de la Rotière
Domaine de la Rotière

Domaine de la Rotière