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 - Domaine de la Rotière

Sologne is a French natural area located in the administrative region of Centre. It extends south of the Loire in the old provinces of Orleans, Berry and Blaisois.
The region includes some of the current departments of Loiret and Loir-et-Cher, and a small part of Cher and covers nearly 500,000 hectares.
She almost always retained a wild and wet even precarious. Its poor soil, sandy clay, sometimes wet, sometimes dry unfavorable to agriculture and was also long unhealthy factor. Renaissance comes with a special interest of the bourgeoisie and nobility for its climate. In this small period of prosperity many castles and noble and bourgeois homes were built, including Chambord and Cheverny. The following period religious wars leave a portion of land made ​​arable abandoned.

 - Domaine de la Rotière

Mainly known for its lakes, covering approximately 12,000 hectares or 2% of its territory, and its forests, for example, described in the book of Maurice Raboliot Genevoix, Sologne has a strong tradition of hunting and fishing, often private. 
Formerly marshy area, it was Napoleon III who ordered its drying, including the massive implantation of conifers. In fiction, the venue of the famous local robin wood, "Thierry la Fronde" (and the filming of the series).

Some ideas for activities ...

Some ideas for activities ... - Domaine de la Rotière

Ideal starting point to discover the castles of the Loire, the Domain of la Rotière is located in the center of the axis Chambord, Cheverny and Chenonceau and its wonderful castles .
Do not miss a visit to the Zoo Parc de Beauval and its famous pandas " Huan Huan " and " Yuan Zi " installed as part of an ambitious breeding, conservation and research in the natural environment in cooperation with the base in Chengdu China.
You can also follow the wine route, we advise you to Henry Marionnet in Soing-en-Sologne and AOC Cheverny each located about 6 km from the Domain.
Gastronomy is also the highlight of our region, you can enjoy strawberries and asparagus in season, and goat cheese of Selles-sur-Cher and Valençais .
Finally nature sports abound, discover the Loire by bike, hot air balloon flights , canoeing on the Loire, etc ...
You will find details of our recommendations in the right menu.

 - Domaine de la Rotière
Domaine de la Rotière

Domaine de la Rotière