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Preserved and wild

 - Domaine de la Rotière

Apart from fishing and its various recreation (tennis, swimming) The Domain of la Rotière also offers you its 60 acres of woods and ponds, paths to stroll on foot or by bike, observe wildlife and collect mushrooms (very good wood chanterelles and porcini according to the season).
As you walk into the property, you may see deer, roe deer, wild boar, rabbits, pheasants, ducks, foxes, raccoons, herons ...
At the edge of the water fishing, an authentic fine sandy beach, from the "Sea Faluns" to Soings en Sologne, allows non fishermen enjoy the lake, in comfortable chairs and the shelter umbrellas.
The territory of the Sologne is part of the Natura 2000 network.

Discover the flora

Discover the flora - Domaine de la Rotière

The forest covers three quarters of the Sologne region. It consists of several major forest types: oak - hornbeam , the rarest but also the most diverse, Valley Sauldre, state forests, vast forest properties. It meets stalked and sessile oak, hornbeam, field maple , sycamore, hazel, birch, Scots pine, maritime pine, Douglas, some beech, aspen and ash. Spring, with flowering, there are wild fruit such as pear, apple, cherry or white alisier.
Undergrowth, there are different species of primroses, which the best known is the cuckoo, small periwinkles, of wooden bells jacinthesdes purple, violet wood .
Some plants, such as heather and gorse settled on the moors. A type of heather, the " heather broom " , traditionally called " brémailles " was long used for making brooms. This name is used as place names in many places in Sologne .

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife Viewing - Domaine de la Rotière

Deer, roe deer and wild boars often seek the tranquility of the forests. Frequently sedentary animals such as deer or wild boar is encountered. Hart need larger spaces except when the slab. Deer like quiet places : the hinds to calve, and the harts to get rid of their woods.

Sologne is also home to many other carnivores, mustelids and canids such as foxes, martens, weasels, martens, weasels, polecats. Among lagomorphs, the European rabbit, the symbol of popular hunting in Sologne is now limited due to myxomatosis.
Finally, we can note the presence of more than two hundred species of birds, over forty species of mammals, thirty species of fish, a dozen species of reptiles and all amphibians. Finally insect species in the thousands.

 - Domaine de la Rotière
Domaine de la Rotière

Domaine de la Rotière